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Emergency Preparation, Response and Reporting for this lab (coming soon)

Drosophila red&white eye lab

Collecting and Organizing Data - 2
Drosophila Data Sheets: Red Females - White Females

Simulating Cell Division

Maize Genetics - Probability Fundamentals, Mendelian Hypotheses, and The Chi Square Test Statistic

The Unknown Cross - An experiment You Design to Conduct a Real Genetics Experiment

Mapping Loci In

Restriction Endonucleases, DNA Digestion and Electrophoresis

The Polymerase Chain Reaction

Good Animations Available on the Web:

DNA Learning Center - CSHL

DNA Replication Schematic Animation

DNA Replication Simple CSHL

DNA Replication Complex CSHL

DNA Packaging in Eukaryotes

John Kyrk - Rep/Transcrip/Translate

HIV Infection, Life Cycle & Drug Targeting



Molecular processes in the cell - A synthesis

Trp Operon and Attenuation

Articles of interest....

New Approaches to Progeria

PLOS One Progeria article


Trinucleotide Repeat Disorders
Bio 300 - General Genetics